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Minami Saori

Minami Saori was born as Uchima Akemi on July 2, 1954 in Okinawa, Japan. She is widely known as Cynthia by her fans, singer Iwasaki Hiromi is actually a big fan of hers. Being born Okinawan and having a non-Japanese father, it seemed as if Saori was definitely not on the road to success in mainland Japan. After World War 2, due to the many American air bases on Okinawa and the Ryuukyuu Islands, mainland Japanese had a dislike of the Islanders, because of their constant contact with Americans, as well as other cultures such as the Phillipines. Saori's mother remarried when she was young, to a Filipino man, which to the eyes of the mainlanders would see Saori as a mut, and non-Japanese. When Saori was around 16 she went to the mainland to pursue her dream as a singer, eventhough all odds seemed against her. She got accepted into Horikoshi High School and began looking for an outlet in the musical industry. She hid the fact that she was Okinawan, by changing her name to a more traditional name as Minami Saori and denied all links to her Okinawan upbringing. She applied for a part-time job as an assistant at the Sony Music corporation, but her musical talent had been noticed and she met with the President and signed a record contract soon after. She debuted in June of 1971 with her single "17sai" which hit the charts strongly at the #2 spot. Becoming a huge hit from then on she won an award for beginners that year and was even invited to perform on that year's Kouhaku. In 1972, she was recognized officially as a part of  the "Three Daughters," as with Koyanagi Rumiko, and Amachi Mari, as the three big idol singers at that time (what is with the Japanese and grouping their top idols into neatly named groups I don't know...) In 1973, she recorded a song with American artist Albert Hammond, unfortunately it didn't fare well on the charts. She kept a nice string of top tens until about 1976-77, when her career started to slow down a bit, during that time she went to college and decided to retire in 1978. She then got married and is now a mother of three. In 1991 she resumed her singing career, but it has been spread out, the last single released so far being back in 1997. In 1989, Idol Moritaka Chisato covered Saori's "17sai" and it still faired well then. Her style isn't easy to pin under one category to be honest, it is contemporary, easy-listening to describe it best, yet it is also pop, and has a hint of enka as well, rather unique. Some of Cynthia/Saori's best singles are: "17sai", "Irodzuku machi", "Hito koishikute", and "Kanashii yousei."

Personal Favorite Saori Song: Irodzuku machi

0f39c9384ae9106b2ae7-L.jpg young saori 2 image by ViergeForest8366535.jpg long hair saori image by ViergeForestpb1978-13mina.jpg saori magazine image by ViergeForeststar20000719-07.jpg older cynthia image by ViergeForest

#Song TitleRelease DateHighest PositionMy RatingPicture
1.17sai6/1/197128/10 535758.jpg 17sai image by ViergeForest
2.Shiokaze no Melody10/1/197178/10 535759.jpg shiokaze no melody image by ViergeForest
3.Tomodachi2/1/197277/10 535761.jpg tomodachi image by ViergeForest
4.Junketsu6/1/197238/10 535764.jpg junketsu image by ViergeForest
5.Aishuu no Page9/21/197236/10 535767.jpg aishuu no page image by ViergeForest
6.Soushun no minato1/21/197311- 535769.jpg soushun no minato image by ViergeForest
7.Kizutsuku sedai5/1/197338/10 535771.jpg kizutsuku sedai image by ViergeForest
8.California no aoi sora7/5/1973776/10 solb43.jpg california no aoi sora image by ViergeForest
9.Irodzuku machi8/21/1973410/10 535774.jpg irodzuku machi image by ViergeForest
10.Hito kakera no junjou12/5/197387/10 535775.jpg hito kakera no junjou image by ViergeForest
11.Bara no kageri3/21/197415- 535778.jpg bara no kageri image by ViergeForest
12.Natsu no kanjou6/21/1974169/10 s456.jpg image by ViergeForest
13.Yogiri no machi9/21/1974177/10 535781.jpg yogiri no machi image by ViergeForest
14.Josei12/21/197423- 535783.jpg josei image by ViergeForest
15.Omoidedoori4/21/1975196/10 535786.jpg omoidedoori image by ViergeForest
16.Hito koishikute8/1/197589/10 535787.jpg hito koishikute image by ViergeForest
17.Hito nemuri11/21/197527- 535791.jpg hito nemuri image by ViergeForest
18.Ki ga mukeba denwa shite/ Furimuitara asa3/1/1976297/10 535792.jpg furimuita asa image by ViergeForest
19.Seishun ni hajinai you ni5/31/197644- 535793.jpg seishun wa hajinai you ni image by ViergeForest
20.Kanashii yousei9/1/1976208/10 535794.jpg kanashii yousei image by ViergeForest
21.Ai wa meguriai kara11/21/197645- 535798.jpg ai wa meguriai kara image by ViergeForest
22.Yureru gogo3/1/1977547/10 535799.jpg yureru gogo image by ViergeForest
23.Machikado no Love Song7/21/1977368/10 535800.jpg machikado no love song image by ViergeForest
24.Kogarashi no sei11/21/197763- 535803.jpg kogarashi no sei image by ViergeForest
25.Haru no yokan -I've been mellow-1/21/1978258/10 535804.jpg haru no yokan -I've been mellow- image by ViergeForest
26.Ai naki sedai5/21/1978747/10 535805.jpg ai naki sedai image by ViergeForest
27.Ms.8/21/1978807/10 06sh381.jpg ms. image by ViergeForest
28.Goodbye Girl10/21/1978-8/10 b0100078_20182022.jpg goodbye girl image by ViergeForest
29.Aozora5/21/1992-8/10 29_srdl-3475-1.jpg aozora image by ViergeForest
30.Yakusoku3/21/1993-- 30_srdl-3626-1.jpg yakusoku image by ViergeForest
31.Yoroshiku aishuu6/22/1994-7/10 31_srdl-3850-1.jpg yoroshiku aishuu image by ViergeForest
32.Ai wa ichido dake desu ka?1/21/1996-- 32_srdl-4143-1.jpg ai wa ichido dake desu ka? image by ViergeForest
33.Hatsukoi4/21/1977-- 33_srdl-4361-1.jpg hatsukoi image by ViergeForest



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